HARMA is a food service & management company that owns, operates & develops a diverse portfolio of restaurant brands. We support education, govt., & medical facilities with meal preparation, delivery, & service to enrich & nourish every life we touch.

We know good people are hard to find, and they’re often overworked and underappreciated. At Harma, we believe great work deserves recognition. Our goal is to create a positive, fulfilling, and rewarding community where people genuinely love to work and have room to grow.


Our mission is to positively influence every life we touch, enriching the lives of our people and the people we serve.


We aim to be the most employee-centric and customer-focused company in food service.


Our people are everything. We believe the best customer service comes from the best employee care. We believe our team is as important as the customers we serve. That’s why our people come first. They are the life of our business and fuel excellent customer experience.
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